JQuery Building List with Json Object

Today i will show how to recursively loop on Json Array of Objects and construct a Tree with “li” and “ul” tags.

So the Tree will look like this in the end:



   var treestring      = "";  
   var myid            = "arv";  
   var json_object     = {your json};   

   var Tree = function (data) {  
     this.data = data;  

   Tree.renderTree(json_object, myid);  

   //1st step 
   Tree.renderTree= function (json_object, myid) {  
     $.each(json_object, function (key, val) {  
       var m = new Tree(val);  

   //2st step
   Tree.prototype.render = function (myid) {  
     treestring = "<li class='category'> " + this.data.Name;  
     //Check if has another arrays inside the current  
     if (this.data.SubFolders) {  
       treestring += "<ul id=" + this.data.ID + "</ul>";  
       $("#" + myid).append(treestring);  
       myid = this.data.ID;  
       Tree.renderTree(this.data.Sub_Fodlers, myid);  
     else {  
       treestring += "</li>";  
       $("#" + myid).append(treestring);  

   <div id="tree">   
      <ul id="arv"></ul>  

– My ID is just for tracking and helps me to build the Tree easily with sense of orientation;
– this.data.Sub_Folders are the Array’s inside of a field;
– this.data.XYZ (XYZ) are the name of the fields
– to use the function just call the USAGE, use it wharever you want, in document ready or in another function
this are the 2 things that you need to count for structure


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4 responses to “JQuery Building List with Json Object”

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